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About Us

 We believe the world is in changing toward ethical and this is the trend now. 

Vegineca has been established officially at year 2019 and based in Malaysia. The founding principle of Vegineca is to create the platform to promote the ethical fashion items with Eco-Friendliness and 100% Cruelty-Free. We are people with deep passion in creating our awareness and consciousness in living a fashionable lifestyle that do no harm to our mother earth and non-animal killing. Simply because of the environmental issue and animal cruelty have brought out a new dimension of fashion. 


 Our main motto for Vegineca is "Go Natural Be Natural" -  Be the real you and stay kind from inside out. Veganism not merely about food served on plate but also daily use. Carry or wearing your kindness along with you, a small gesture can make the world turn out beautifully. Have faith to love the earth and all living creatures with full of heart.

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